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Flashback" is a series of original compositions composed by Dennard that capture vivid evocations from his upbringing as well as recent recollections from his young adulthood, including memories from life-altering occurrences such as the 2020 covid-19 pandemic as well as the global protests that spurred in May 2020 due to the Minneapolis police murdering a 46-year-old black male named George Floyd. Dennard's involvement as an organizer within the political organization "Detroit Will Breathe", (the organization that started the George Floyd protests in Detroit), has also influenced the way he conceptualized, developed and constructed the album as a whole. Allen's ambition for "Flashback" was to take his listeners through a rather personal harmonious experience that gives individuals a visualization of these moments in time that Dennard encountered. He also aimed to make his compositions accessible to where the listener is able to escape the present moment and create a space that allows them to reminisce on their own lucid memories, whether good or bad.  


"Flashback" was set to release in the summer of 2020, but because of the covid -19 shutdown Dennard was forced to postpone the release date. Within that time of postponement however, Dennard was able to build on what was intended to be released earlier, adding an additional 3 songs to the album. With the new addition of these songs, Dennard was able to create a 10-track album with the intention of the public being able to relate with each composition emotionally, socially, and even spiritually.

Allen Dennard- Trumpet, piano, congas, vocals

Ian Finkelstein- Piano, Rhodes.

Jonathon Muir- Cotton- Upright Bass, Electric Bass

Louis Jones III- Drums

Nolan Young- Tenor Saxophone (Tracks 1,2,4,6 and 8)

Stephen Grady- Tenor Saxophone (Tracks 3,5 and 9)

Kasan Belgrave- Alto Saxophone (Track 9)

De'sean Jones- Tenor Saxophone (Track 9)




Flashback was recorded May 19, 2022 at Willis Sound in Ypsilanti, MI


Allen Dennard Music LLC


Sound Engineer: Ian Gold

Mixing and Mastering: Ian Gold

Graphic Design: Marc Kempf

Photography: Jeff Dunn & Mark L. Brown

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